Black Soldier Fly Blog

Black soldier flies are a type of insect that can be used to convert organic waste into high-quality animal feed and fertilizer. They can also be used as a source of protein for human consumption. Blogs can provide you with information on the biology of black soldier flies, their potential uses, and how to start your own black soldier fly farm.

Brave as a Chicken

Brave as a Chicken In American folklore, a chicken is synonymous with cowardice. This is   ...Read More

Antibiotics in Their Guts

Antibiotics in Their Guts Similar to other species, black soldier flies have a complicated relationship   ...Read More

Squaring a Circle

Squaring a Circle Black soldier flies can be a great component in a circular economy,   ...Read More

Under (Fly) Armor

Under (Fly) Armor Recent publication discusses microscopic structure of black soldier fly cuticle. Notably, it   ...Read More

Not Fish Alone

Not Fish Alone Even though, ironically, the article introduced in this post was published in   ...Read More

It’s in the Genes

It’s in Their Genes Nutrient composition of black soldier fly larvae is strongly influenced by   ...Read More

You Are What You Eat Part III

You Are What You Eat Part III Another paper came out reporting that nutrient content   ...Read More

Black Soldier Flies Protect Brussels Sprouts

Black Soldier Flies Protect Brussels Sprouts Not only does black soldier fly frass improves growth   ...Read More

Automating the Process

Automating the Process As black soldier flies gain popularity on commercial farms, the infrastructure for   ...Read More

Circles Big and Small

Circles Big and Small The circular economy is defined as a model of production and   ...Read More