Black Soldier Fly


In our fight for a cleaner and healthier future, the Black Soldier Fly stands out as a front-line solution for a significant number of issues we face today. These tough little guys transform organic waste into valuable feed products at an amazing rate. 


Black Soldier Flies Help Pepper Grow

By admin | July 6, 2024

Black Soldier Flies Help Pepper Grow Meadows. Brussels sprouts. Kale. Mustard. Lettuce and arugula. Now red chili peppers joined the list of plants benefiting from soil amendments derived from black soldier fly frass. It is likely that this list will continue to grow as research in this area expands. Sanjaya, Y., Surakusumah, W., Pratama, A.M.   …Read More

Black Soldier Flies Enter Tissue Culture

By admin | July 5, 2024

Black Soldier Flies Enter Tissue Culture While we are not at the point of cloning black soldier flies yet, they are definitely already a very prominent object of research interest. Saathoff, S., Goodman, C.L., Haas, E., Mettelmann, I. and Stanley, D., 2024. A cell line derived from the black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens (Diptera: Stratiomyidae).   …Read More

Black Soldier Fly Genome Sequences

By admin | July 4, 2024

Black Soldier Fly Genome Sequences Genomes for two more black soldier fly populations have been sequenced. This will be useful for genetic research and for quality control of captive strains used in mass production. Cai, Z., Hansen, L.S., Laursen, S.F., Nielsen, H.M., Bahrndorff, S., Tomberlin, J.K., Kristensen, T.N., Sørensen, J.G. and Sahana, G., 2024. Whole-genome   …Read More

Black Soldier Flies Tolerate Microplastics

By admin | July 3, 2024

Black Soldier Flies Tolerate Microplastics On one hand, this is a good thing because they can still recycle wastes that are contaminated with microplastics. On the other hand, black soldier flies may not be very useful in removing them from the substrates. Time will tell. Piersanti, S., Rebora, M., Turchetti, B., Salerno, G., Ruscetta, M.,   …Read More

Black Soldier Flies Take Drugs

By admin | June 19, 2024

Black Soldier Flies Take Drugs Out of substrates that they inhabit. In a recent study, black soldier fly larvae could digest several commonly used veterinary drugs to some extent. However, they still contained some of them in their bodies. Just as with heavy metals, depending on a situation this can be a good thing, or   …Read More

Black Soldier Flies Rock

By admin | June 18, 2024

Black Soldier Flies Rock After all, they are an amazing species that is a versatile tool in improving the sustainability of both food production and waste management. Black soldier flies are also into heavy metal(s), as in accumulating them from feeding substrates. Unfortunately, this may prevent using black soldier flies for recycling certain types of   …Read More

Insecticides Hurt Black Soldier Flies

By admin | June 11, 2024

Insecticides Hurt Black Soldier Flies This is not a major revelation. Insecticides kill insects (hence the name). Black soldier flies are insects. Therefore, insecticides kill black soldier flies, or at least make them sick. This is an important consideration in recycling wastes. Since insecticides are widely used in agriculture, their residues are likely to be   …Read More

Black Soldier Flies Power Trucks

By admin | June 7, 2024

Black Soldier Flies Power Trucks And other diesel engines. At least potentially, if economics of the process can be worked out. For safety reasons, some of the substrates suitable for rearing black soldier flies, such as carcasses of diseased animals or various manures, cannot be used to grow flies designated for animal feeds. However, they   …Read More

Horses Eat Black Soldier Flies

By admin | June 5, 2024

Horses Eat Black Soldier Flies Horses have just joined a long list of animals that can have black soldier flies as an ingredient in their feed. This is the first study on the subject that I know; therefore, additional work will be needed to figure out the details. Still, this is encouraging news. Burron, S.,   …Read More

Black Soldier Fly News

Black Soldier Fly News

New information on black soldier flies becomes available pretty much daily. Business deals are being struck, facilities are being built, original research publications appear in a wide variety of scientific journals, and news articles appear in popular mass media.

General Information on Black Soldier Flies

There's a reason that black soldier flies have created such a buzz recently. Everyone from big ag to backyard chicken farmers are realizing that black soldier flies are an innovative, inexpensive, green, and humane way to produce healthy, high-protein feed for livestock and even people. If your interest has been piqued, please explore.

Close-Up of Black Soldier Fly
Close-Up of Black Soldier Fly

Black Soldier Fly Myths and Misconceptions

As the idea of farming of black soldier flies gains track with agriculturalists, researchers, and general public, the amount of available information explodes. Much of it is valuable and contributes to further development of this technology. Some of it needs further verification. Some of it, however, is not entirely correct (or is entirely incorrect). We compiled a list of common misconceptions about this rather remarkable creature and its place in modern agriculture.

Feed Black Soldier Flies to Your Chickens

A chicken is not a penguin. Neither is it a pelican, nor a cormorant. It is not even a puffin. This does not seem like a particularly astute observation. Yet, fishmeal constitutes a considerable proportion of many commercially available chicken feeds. This creates a rather unnatural situation.

Black soldier fly larvae as chicken feed

BSFL for Dogs and Cats

How About Green, Cruelty-Free, High Protein Food for Your Dogs and Cats?

Pets are family. There is little doubt about that. However, they belong to different biological species. Therefore, their physiology and, hence, nutritional requirements are different. They cannot have the same diet as humans do. At the same time, they should not eat garbage just because it is not fit for human consumption. Black soldier flies may help addressing this issue.

Black Soldier Flies are Reptilian Superfood

Not all pets are warm and fuzzy. Quite a few of them are on a cooler side and covered with scales. Among the insect species commonly used to feed pet reptiles, black soldier flies stand out because of their unique nutritional value. Making them a regular part of your scaly pets' diet will be highly beneficial for their health and well-being.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Reptile Feed

Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Human Consumption

Black Soldier Fly Farming

So, you've decided to become a bug farmer. Friends and relatives are seriously concerned about your mental health, while the person you had been dating for a while left you for a financial industry executive. Still, this enterprise will be totally worth it in the end, as long as the right approach is taken.