Black Soldier Fly


In our fight for a cleaner and healthier future, the Black Soldier Fly stands out as a front-line solution for a significant number of issues we face today. These tough little guys transform organic waste into valuable feed products at an amazing rate. 


It’s in the Genes

By admin | December 13, 2023

It’s in Their Genes Nutrient composition of black soldier fly larvae is strongly influenced by what they eat. There are more and more studies documenting this relationship. However, it is also important to understand physiological and genetic mechanisms underlying this phenomenon. Article below moves in that direction. Sukmak, R., Suttinun, C., Kovitvadhi, U., Kovitvadhi, A.   …Read More

You Are What You Eat Part III

By admin | December 13, 2023

You Are What You Eat Part III Another paper came out reporting that nutrient content of black soldier fly larvae are affected by their diets. This is important when incorporating them into formulated animal feeds. Raju, M.V.L.N., Rao, S.R., Paul, S.S., Prakash, B., Reddy, M.R., Kannan, A., Shanmugam, M. and Kumar, P.S.P., 2023. Source variation   …Read More

Black Soldier Flies Protect Brussels Sprouts

By admin | December 13, 2023

Black Soldier Flies Protect Brussels Sprouts Not only does black soldier fly frass improves growth of Brussels sprouts, but also it protects them from an important soil-dwelling pest. Wantulla, M., Dicke, M. and van Loon, J.J., 2023. Effects of amending soil with black soldier fly frass on survival and growth of the cabbage root fly   …Read More

Automating the Process

By admin | December 13, 2023

Automating the Process As black soldier flies gain popularity on commercial farms, the infrastructure for their handling becomes increasingly important. It is one thing to give a few treats to chickens in one’s backyard, and a totally different thing to give half a ton of larvae to chickens on one’s commercial farm. So, mechanical solutions   …Read More

Circles Big and Small

By admin | December 2, 2023

Circles Big and Small The circular economy is defined as a model of production and consumption that involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible. In this way, the life cycle of products is extended. Recycling wastes is an essential practice under this approach. Black soldier flies,   …Read More

Sludge Management

By admin | December 2, 2023

Sludge Management A mix of fish carcasses, uneaten aquafeed, and fish feces does not sound very appetizing even for black soldier fly larvae. Indeed, according to a recent study they did not do particularly well on aquaculture sludge. However, mixing the sludge with other substrates significantly improved the situation. Rossi, G., Ojha, S., Müller-Belecke, A.   …Read More

It’s a Bug Eat Bug World

By admin | November 28, 2023

It’s a Bug Eat Bug World Black soldier fly larvae can be used to feed other insects, as shown by the results of two recent studies. In one of them, larval meal was fed to lady beetles, which are beneficial biological control agents eating a wide variety of agricultural pests. In the second study, ground   …Read More

Good News for Aquaculture. Part V.

By admin | November 28, 2023

Good News for Aquaculture. Part V. This is not even news anymore. Yet another study showing that incorporating black soldier fly larvae into aquafeed improves fish growth and boosts fish immunity. Still, we think that it is helpful to accumulate this evidence in one place. Fatima, S., Afzal, A., Rashid, H., Iqbal, S., Zafar, R.,   …Read More

Don’t Spoil the Baby Larva

By admin | November 22, 2023

Don’t Spoil the Baby Larva It is common in commercial operations to rear newly hatched black soldier fly larvae in a nursery for a few days before putting them into a bioreactor. This may involve feeding them on a special diet. As shown below, however, this is not always a good idea. dos Santos, S.M.,   …Read More

Black Soldier Fly News

Black Soldier Fly News

New information on black soldier flies becomes available pretty much daily. Business deals are being struck, facilities are being built, original research publications appear in a wide variety of scientific journals, and news articles appear in popular mass media.

General Information on Black Soldier Flies

There's a reason that black soldier flies have created such a buzz recently. Everyone from big ag to backyard chicken farmers are realizing that black soldier flies are an innovative, inexpensive, green, and humane way to produce healthy, high-protein feed for livestock and even people. If your interest has been piqued, please explore.

Close-Up of Black Soldier Fly
Close-Up of Black Soldier Fly

Black Soldier Fly Myths and Misconceptions

As the idea of farming of black soldier flies gains track with agriculturalists, researchers, and general public, the amount of available information explodes. Much of it is valuable and contributes to further development of this technology. Some of it needs further verification. Some of it, however, is not entirely correct (or is entirely incorrect). We compiled a list of common misconceptions about this rather remarkable creature and its place in modern agriculture.

Feed Black Soldier Flies to Your Chickens

A chicken is not a penguin. Neither is it a pelican, nor a cormorant. It is not even a puffin. This does not seem like a particularly astute observation. Yet, fishmeal constitutes a considerable proportion of many commercially available chicken feeds. This creates a rather unnatural situation.

Black soldier fly larvae as chicken feed

BSFL for Dogs and Cats

How About Green, Cruelty-Free, High Protein Food for Your Dogs and Cats?

Pets are family. There is little doubt about that. However, they belong to different biological species. Therefore, their physiology and, hence, nutritional requirements are different. They cannot have the same diet as humans do. At the same time, they should not eat garbage just because it is not fit for human consumption. Black soldier flies may help addressing this issue.

Black Soldier Flies are Reptilian Superfood

Not all pets are warm and fuzzy. Quite a few of them are on a cooler side and covered with scales. Among the insect species commonly used to feed pet reptiles, black soldier flies stand out because of their unique nutritional value. Making them a regular part of your scaly pets' diet will be highly beneficial for their health and well-being.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Reptile Feed

Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Human Consumption

Black Soldier Fly Farming

So, you've decided to become a bug farmer. Friends and relatives are seriously concerned about your mental health, while the person you had been dating for a while left you for a financial industry executive. Still, this enterprise will be totally worth it in the end, as long as the right approach is taken.