Let Them Eat Bugs
Let Them Eat Bugs

The Real Reason Tucker Carlson Got Fired from Fox

Recent, and apparently unvoluntary, departure of Tucker Carlson, the most popular TV talk show host in the US, from Fox News gave rise to a plethora of speculations on the reasons behind it. Here at BlackSoldierFlies.com, we have a conspiracy theory of our own.

It is an increasingly common point of view around the Internet that people (or perhaps reptiloids, there are different opinions on this subject) who really rule the Earth are hell bent on forcing the 99% of the human population to eat mostly bugs and to love doing so. Steaks, caviar, and lobsters (which are also bugs of sorts, but never mind), on the other hand, will be reserved for the remaining 1%.

Right before being kicked out, Tucker did a one-hour special entitled “Let Them Eat Bugs” that questioned the wisdom and joy of insectivory. Being quintessential oligarchs firmly embedded into 1%, the Fox-owning Murdoch family could not tolerate such a brazen infraction on the World Economic Forum agenda. Therefore, Tucker was promptly fired. Coincidence? We do not think so.

Unfortunately, we do not have any insider information to back up our supposition with facts. However, this is what makes conspirology interesting, isn’t it?